Benelux Winner Amsterdam 9.8. 2018     
Judge: Marie-Josée Melchior (LU)    
Bearded Collies:  46    
1VP Nothing as a Look des Bergers des Mille et Une Nuit BP  
1Exc Heather Mist Rebel Rebel CAC-J/BJ BJW
2Exc Miner's Lake It's Probably Me    
3Exc Bono's Watchful Eye Dreamboy Cadiz    
4Exc Cool Heart's Bond James Bond    
Exc Beautiful Shine of Silver Star Sebastian    
Exc Memorylane Double The Hula-Hula    
Exc Ohajoy Quo Vadis William Wallace    
./. Ariko Koyu Family Guy    
Internediate Class    
1Exc Beardie Connections Quintino    
1Exc Bono's Watchful Eye Al Capone    
./. Memorylane Playin with Paradise    
1Exc Beardie Connections Kenji CAC/CACIB/BOS  
2Exc Heather Mist Hakuna Matata RCAC/RCACIB  
3Exc Memorylane Samba Caramba    
4Exc Akai Mystery Austerlits    
Exc Akai Mystery Arbuz    
Exc Memorylane Lance Armstrong    
Exc Memorylane Sooo Irresistible    
1Exc Memorylane Gotsome Mighty Magic CAC-V/BV  
2Exc Shetlanas Fawn Fighter That's Me    
1VP Jewels of Dogs Quiet Storm Kate    
2VP Arabictree Awan of the Benjy Bunch    
1Exc Ariko Koyu Follow the River CAC-J BJW
2Exc Bono's Watchful Eye Descend Maggie    
3Exc Silesian Diamonds Nicole Shining Jewel    
4Exc Queen of Hearts from the Furry-Tales    
Exc Bono's Watchful Eye Call me Lou Lou    
Exc Memorylane Deviliscious Dot Com    
Exc Memorylane Diamonds R Forever    
Exc Memorylane Double the Bling    
./. Sandauri Yurai Heepp    
Intermediate Class    
1Exc Perfect Treasure from the Furry-Tales    
2Exc Denters Whirlwinds Broadway Baby    
3Exc Beardie Connections Quite a Dream    
1Exc Miss Dior De Chester RCAC/RCACIB  
2Exc Jewels of Dogs Obvious and Pure    
3Exc Potterdale Rhyme or Reason    
4Exc Bonny and Clyde's Virginia Blue Bell    
./. Sandauri Opium for Man    
1Exc Alistair's Xuberantly Happy CAC/CACIB/BOB Benelux Winner
2Exc Bono's Watchful eye Bliss    
3Exc Memorylane the Devine Miz M    
4Exc Memorylane Unique in a Flash    
Exc Xenatisch Xuta of the Benjy Bunch    
  Met dank aan May Vogels